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Is Your Home Legal?

All Scottish homes MUST have an interlinked smoke alarm system installed by February 1st 2022.

If you are a home owner or landlord in Scotland, please contact our technical team for a FREE, no cost, smoke alarm, fire alarm, risk assessment survey to ensure that you comply with the new Scottish Government legislation by February 1st 2022.

The new changes to Scottish Government legislation apply to ALL homeowners and Landlords in Scotland

What is the new Scottish Government legislation ?

All homes in Scotland MUST have the following:


A smoke alarm MUST be installed in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings.



A smoke alarm MUST be  installed in the room most frequently used for general daytime living purpose.



A heat alarm (smoke alarm NOT allowed) MUST be installed in every kitchen.



All smoke and heat alarms MUST be interlinked ( if one sets off they must all set off).



A Carbon Monoxide alarm MUST be fitted everywhere there is a fuel burning appliance or a flue.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have smoke alarms and/or carbon monoxide alarms that I think may be suitable.

New Scottish Government legislation is specific on type and operation of smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms. It is advisable to book a free Fire Risk Assessment Survey to make sure your system complies.

How much will a smoke alarm system cost for my home?

The  Fire Risk Assessment Survey is free. The cost of a smoke alarm system is directly related to the size and shape of your individual home. Your free Fire Risk Assessment Survey will provide a price indicator of any work required to make sure your home complies with the new Scottish Government legislation.

Can I fit the smoke alarm system myself?

Yes you can. It is, however, advisable to book a free  Fire Risk Assessment Survey. Then you will know what you need to fit and the correct location of the units.

What if I choose to do nothing?

Please contact your insurance company to find out if they will continue to cover your home for fire risk after February 2022. The new rules are LEGISLATION and NOT recommendations. Every Scottish Home MUST comply.

Why should I get AHS to install my Smoke alarm system?

When AHS install a smoke alarm system in your home they issue a Certificate of Compliance. This is signed and dated by your AHS professional installation engineer. This is proof for your insurance company that your home complies with the Scottish Smoke and Fire  Alarm legislation. It will also form part of your home report should you wish to sell your home.

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