GPS Tracking Devices

AHS Monitoring Ltd
The time when monitoring and tracking was purely used by vehicles or secret agencies etc. is long gone. Technology is always coming down in price. Fast. With our changing society today where work more and more, an increasing worry follows in the shape of insecurity. Now, tracking and monitoring is widely used by anyone. It has become common. Which also means, the price has become affordable.


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Having been in operation for more than 20 years, AHS Monitoring offer state of the art personal safety GPS tracking devices and all of these devices are linked up to our 24/7 AHS monitoring station.Unlike other GPS tracking devices that just send text messages or a help signal, AHS GPS Tracking devices do all of this but also have a 2 way real-time communication system to allow you or your loved one immediate access to our fully trained staff who assess the situation and act accordingly whether it be the emergency services or contacting the relevent person or loved one. Families are finding the risk of their loved ones getting lost and injured decreases greatly with the use of personal GPS Tracking devices. Our devices come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Children, Lone Workers, Hill Walkers and Climbers, Skiers, People with Alzheimers and the Elderly. The devices are even used for Pets and Live Stock. Asset and Vehicles can also be tracked and not just if stolen. The devices are simple to operate, and are lightweight. Geo Fencing devices are also available to alert you when people or property move out side a certain area. Ideal for tracking your child to make sure that they get to school or around to their friends house safely. Create Geo Fence zones, if your child moves out of the zones an SMS Alert will be sent straight to your mobile phone.