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Medical Alarm System

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    Key benefits:

    Medical Alert Systems

    Medical Alert Systems

    • Safety
    • Independence
    • Peace of mind
    • Monitored 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Only 49p a day
    • Fully fitted for FREE
    • Waterproof

    Two-Way Voice Monitoring Medical Alert System:

    The Two-Way Voice Monitored Medical Alert system will put you in touch with your loved ones or the emergency services at the Touch of a Button. No matter where you are in the home just press the red button on your wrist or pendent, allowing you 24hr medical monitoring without losing your independence.

    How does it work?

    In the event of an emergency simply press the red button on your pendant, bracelet.
    Within moments, a Medical Alert 24/7 operator at our Emergency Response Centre is on the line and ready to help.
    The Medical Alert 24/7 operator assesses the situation and contacts the emergency services or a loved one.
    Help arrives. Medical Alert 24/7 also contacts loved ones or Carers to let them know there’s been an emergency.


    Our newest Call Alert Elderly and Medical Alarm System offers the following features:

    • Hearing Aid Compatible
    • +40 decible volume boost emergency calling
    • +90 decible ringer volume
    • Wrist strap and neck strap compatible
    • Supports Caller ID
    • Upto 30 numbers can be stored
    • Water resistant wireless pendant alarm wrist or neck strap
    • Easy to use big buttons
    • Talking Caller ID
    • Caller ID call list, memory upto 64 recent calls
    • Store your own phone numbers into the system
    • PABX Compatible
    • Emergency pendant can be used as a panic button
    • Emergency pendant can be used to answer calls via the speakerphone